Embrace the Dogma

Recently, a friend turned me on to Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. Probably the best thing I’ve played since Skyrim. The companion system is great.  Called “pawns”, you customize a single main pawn then get to choose two more from the online pool of other player’s pawns.  When another player chooses your pawn, it gives your pawn a chance to learn quest and enemy knowledge that they can bring back with them–making them a better pawn.

The boss fights are epic, and so much more satisfying than the dragon fights in Skyrim (sorry Alduin).  My first fight with a Drake took half an hour, lots of potions, and climbing.  Oh, did I mention the best way to defeat most bosses is to climb on their backs and attack from above?  So epic.

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Funcom here I come!

Just landed a temp-to-hire job at Funcom USA. I’ll be doing Customer Service as a GM. Yes, that’s right. I’m getting paid to play video games! Muhahahaha!

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Finished watching Fire and Ice the other day and just had to draw Darkwolf. Such a cool character – like a barbarian Batman.

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Red Riding Hood on Brushes

Something a little more classic this time – my take on Red Riding Hood.

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SURE Institute Mini-Doc for NCSU’s College of Education

Mini-doc commissioned by NCSU’s College of Education. Filmed and edited by Lucas Vaden (i.e. me).

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Thor with Brushes on iPad

More Brushes fun!

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Brushes on the iPad is Great!

Just discovered Brushes for the iPad and I love it.  Not only is it a robust sketching app, but you can export the steps as time-lapse style video.  Check it out!

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