Why Am I Blogging, Again?

Yesterday’s post marked my return to blogging.  Honestly, I had forgotten I even had this blog, or why I started it in the first place. Probably just a lark.

Years ago I had another blog, that was back when I was heavy into New Age positivity, intentions, manifesting desires, etc.  I had it in my head that I was helping people gain a more positive perspective on things.  Maybe I was; who knows?

So, why am I blogging again, now?  As you might have read in yesterday’s post, I am working on a book (or at least trying to).  My hope is to someday self-publish and hopefully be a modest success.  *fingers crossed*

I’ve heard from a friend who is self-published, as well as having read in several articles, that it is important to have a web presence.  Wattpad is my initial foray to establish my presence, and blogging is the next phase in the grand plan.  (Muhahahaha!)

I’m certain much of the success of my friend’s book is due in part to her blog.  It established a connection with readers that might otherwise not know about her work.  And I am hoping that this initial investment of time and (little) effort will pay off should I ever actually finish and subsequently self-publish my book.

By the by, you should check out my friend’s book.  Vanessa’s a great writer and the story is fantastic.  It’s about a plus sized fashion producer who finds love in an unexpected place.  I’ll say no more, you’ll have to read for yourself.  The title is Fatshionista.  Do have a look.

Vanessa also has her own blog at that other-big-blog-site-that-shall-not-be-named. (Whew! That was a mouthful).  Check her out on Vanessa’s Musing.

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Elementary, My Dear Wattpad!

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been working on my own literary fantasy world for many, many (many) years.  Unfortunately, this work has resulted in a quite a few unfinished novels, histories and legends.  The greatest hindrance to finishing anything tends to be (you guessed it) a lack of motivation.

That, and quite a bit of negative self-talk.  “You’ll never be published.” “No one would ever want to read this nonsense.”  “You’ll never finish, because you never finish anything.”

You know, the usual.

However, I recently found Wattpad, an online publishing website where readers and writers (mostly aspiring writers) come together in a common interest: stories.  Writers on Wattpad publish their stories–for free–and readers have access to great (sometimes not so great) content.

After debating the merits of publishing for free on Wattpad, I decided that it might be the best I can do.  And at least I won’t die without anyone having seen my work.

So far I’ve only published a story of one of my characters, Eomund, titled “Stormrider”.

Right now it’s up on Wattpad, in its unfinished glory.  No, I’ve not finished.  But Wattpad has motivated me to add new content and my hopes are that this motivation will see me through to the end.  If you are interested in seeing what’s available so far, just click on over: http://www.wattpad.com/story/5332786-stormrider


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Halloween Update

So, after realizing I do not have time to complete either an Iron Man suit, or full medieval suit of armor, I have decided to simply do something more “subdued”.  I already have a shirt of mail and a cloak.  My plan is to build a medieval knight costume by adding vambraces, pauldrons/spaulders, a surcoat and possibly (fingers crossed) greaves.  I have already completed the vambraces and part of one pauldron.

For the armor I am using craft foam from Michael’s.  I first cut out a pattern (generally doing a test piece [several pieces] in poster board first).  Then the piece is shaped using a heat source and a form (usually a pot or a cup).  After that, I coat the piece with Plasti-Dip to seal the foam, and simulate leather.  For the metal portions I use silver metallic spray paint   The important point here is not to spray the paint directly onto the piece.  Instead, spray the paint onto a paper towel then wipe the piece down–respraying the towel as needed. This gives the armor a more distressed look and gives you more control over the coverage.

These vambraces consist of one piece in Plasti-Dip and silver paint over another piece in just Plasti-Dip, to simulate leather. The battle scar on the left vambrace was done with a soldering iron before being coating in Plasti-Dip and wiped with silver paint. The “rivets” are foam as well. Using a paper hole punch, I punched several holes out and hot glued them to the top of the bracers.


For some really great techniques on using craft foam for costuming, checkout the following videos.

The following is where I got the wipe-on silver paint idea.  This guy uses a dremel to add battle scars to his armor, which might be an option for some of you.

Great video on making vambraces from craft foam. As an alternative to the leather tools, I simply used a paper hole punch. Works great!

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Halloween Crisis

With Halloween quickly approaching I want to do a really great costume this year. Unfortunately, between my lack of tools, lack of funds, and overall indecisiveness, it’s starting to look pretty grim. I’ve started a medieval(ish) knight costume and an Iron Man suit. Both of which are woefully far from being completed. So, even if I lock in on one now, there is a good chance I will not finish in time.

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Embrace the Dogma

Recently, a friend turned me on to Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. Probably the best thing I’ve played since Skyrim. The companion system is great.  Called “pawns”, you customize a single main pawn then get to choose two more from the online pool of other player’s pawns.  When another player chooses your pawn, it gives your pawn a chance to learn quest and enemy knowledge that they can bring back with them–making them a better pawn.

The boss fights are epic, and so much more satisfying than the dragon fights in Skyrim (sorry Alduin).  My first fight with a Drake took half an hour, lots of potions, and climbing.  Oh, did I mention the best way to defeat most bosses is to climb on their backs and attack from above?  So epic.

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Funcom here I come!

Just landed a temp-to-hire job at Funcom USA. I’ll be doing Customer Service as a GM. Yes, that’s right. I’m getting paid to play video games! Muhahahaha!

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Finished watching Fire and Ice the other day and just had to draw Darkwolf. Such a cool character – like a barbarian Batman.

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Red Riding Hood on Brushes

Something a little more classic this time – my take on Red Riding Hood.

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SURE Institute Mini-Doc for NCSU’s College of Education

Mini-doc commissioned by NCSU’s College of Education. Filmed and edited by Lucas Vaden (i.e. me).

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Thor with Brushes on iPad

More Brushes fun!

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