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Chapter 7 of Stormrider Completely Revised, Revisted and Renovated

Sometimes you just have to clear the clutter to make room for more (kind of like on Horders). So, write; clear the cobwebs, because something (hopefully more exciting) will take it’s place. Continue reading

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Dusting Off the Cobwebs

Having resurrected this blog, I felt it was also incumbent upon me to do some revamping to the content of this space.  Originally, I think I was going to devote this space to my prop replica hobby. But being short on funds … Continue reading

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What Does Your Dishwasher Say About You?

No, your dishwasher hasn’t been talking about you behind your back; tattling about how many helpings of meatloaf you had last night. I promise. Whispers to dishwasher, “It’ll be our little secret.” But serious. No really. This weekend I was … Continue reading

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