Chapter 7 of Stormrider Completely Revised, Revisted and Renovated

Although chapter 7 of Stormrider already existed, it was a hold-over from an earlier form, when the book was called Eomund. After taking a new approch, part of which involved writing more chronologically (rather than the random disjointed scenes), I found myself and the story at an impasse with the previous occupant of chapter 7; “Goblins Enter the Land”.

I knew this was coming, and I dreaded it. Not so much for the fact that I would be completely removing the existing text. After all, that chapter wasn’t well received by readers and I didn’t really care for it myself. No, the problem was I had the new version in my head for some time and just didn’t know how to get it down on paper.

Even know, after forcing myself to type out the blasted thing, this draft feels clunky and disjointed. But I knew at some point it had to be written (there would be no story progress without it). There was no jumping past it. There was no ignoring it. So I wrote it.

I’m not terribly happy with it, but what I am happy with is the fact that it’s out there in the world. It had had more than enough time making its rounds in my brain. It was no longer doing either it or myself one bit of good up there.

Sometimes you just have to clear the clutter to make room for more (kind of like on Horders). So, write; clear the cobwebs, because something (hopefully more exciting) will take it’s place.

If you want to see what this looks like in action, have a look below.

Stormrider – Chapter 7: Fairhold

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