Elementary, My Dear Wattpad!

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been working on my own literary fantasy world for many, many (many) years.  Unfortunately, this work has resulted in a quite a few unfinished novels, histories and legends.  The greatest hindrance to finishing anything tends to be (you guessed it) a lack of motivation.

That, and quite a bit of negative self-talk.  “You’ll never be published.” “No one would ever want to read this nonsense.”  “You’ll never finish, because you never finish anything.”

You know, the usual.

However, I recently found Wattpad, an online publishing website where readers and writers (mostly aspiring writers) come together in a common interest: stories.  Writers on Wattpad publish their stories–for free–and readers have access to great (sometimes not so great) content.

After debating the merits of publishing for free on Wattpad, I decided that it might be the best I can do.  And at least I won’t die without anyone having seen my work.

So far I’ve only published a story of one of my characters, Eomund, titled “Stormrider”.

Right now it’s up on Wattpad, in its unfinished glory.  No, I’ve not finished.  But Wattpad has motivated me to add new content and my hopes are that this motivation will see me through to the end.  If you are interested in seeing what’s available so far, just click on over: http://www.wattpad.com/story/5332786-stormrider


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2 Responses to Elementary, My Dear Wattpad!

  1. C.N. Faust says:

    Wattpad is kind of a gamble for me – the readers on the site (appear to be) mostly teenagers who appear to have a taste for paranormal YA, romance, and not much else. However, I have gotten some hits and good responses towards my book. I hope things work out well for yours!

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